Starting and Stopping without login manager (GDM, XDM, etc)

Sergei Mutovkin msergei at
Wed Oct 20 13:58:07 PDT 2004


here is a small situation... I need to start X during the boot
sequence and automatically start my application... Currently I'm doing
it by adding the following line to my inittab:

x:5:respawn:/bin/su - hydra -c 'PATH=$PATH:/usr/X11R6/bin startx'

i.e. I want X to start and execute application specified in .xinitrc
under user "hydra".

I need respawn since if that app crashes, my X would be restarted,
though I already tried "wait" and "once" action modifiers.

To stop my X I added K00XServer to my rc0.d and rc6.d, there I send
TERM and then KILL singnals to my application which causes X to exit
as well...
However, a second later X magically restarted and my poweroff sequence
is broken.. :(

I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a way to do a proper X shutdown
without Login manager and with autologging of my application.

Thank you very much in advance,

P.S. The kernel that I'm using is 2.4.18 (for reasons beyond my
powers), this kernel was patched to include "bootsplash" patches
( and very often when X exists after "init 0"
command was executed whole system freezes. I.e. X dies and then just
after entering framebuffer mode hangs the system.  What can be the
cause of that?

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