Integrating OS power management with the X server

Keith Packard keithp at
Mon Oct 25 13:20:39 PDT 2004

Around 10 o'clock on Oct 25, Nate Lawson wrote:

> I'd like more information as to what the X server actually does with this
> event.

To ensure a reasonable chance of recovery, the X server switches back to 
whatever mode the video card started in.  To allow the video card to be 
powered down, it also pulls all data out of the card back into memory.

As the OS has no idea what the X server has done, there's really no 
substitute for having the X server know what's going on.

> Is there any situation where it actually needs to veto a suspend?  

I can't think of any.

> Does it potentially take seconds to save state?

Yes.  It has to pull all data out of the video card and potentially run 
the BIOS to get back to text mode.

> Does it need to access other running subsystems or is it self-contained?

Hmm.  I don't think so.


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