Compiling X11R6.8 under Solaris 9

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Tue Oct 26 16:41:13 PDT 2004

Gregory Hicks wrote:
> I recently upgraded an Ultra-1 to Solaris 9 and seem to be forced to
> live with CDE (since the other desktops did not install).  I very much
> would like to get OpenWindows functionality back and NOT use CDE.

Compiling X11R6.8 won't help you there - I'm not sure what you expect to
get from it.   OpenWindows was removed from Solaris 9 as warned in the
release notes - GNOME 2.0 is available as a web download or integrated
into the later releases of Solaris 9.   If you want a different desktop
environment, you need to install that (GNOME, KDE, fvwm, the OpenWindows
packages from Solaris 8, etc.) not change your X server.

> (xearth no longer 'works' under CDE, ...)

You mean painting the background window?   You need to go into the CDE
Style Manager and set your backdrop to NoBackdrop to allow other programs
to draw in it.

> I am trying to compile the X11R6.8 release of X, but do not seem to be
> able to tell the system that I do not have the Sun compilers installed
> (I don't - I have gcc 3.3.1 and/or gcc 3.4.2 installed).  I cannot seem
> to be able to get rid of these types of error messages:

Try adding these lines to xc/config/cf/host.def:
	# define HasSunC NO
	# define HasGcc3 YES

> Would anyone have any good ideas on what to try?  Or is X11R6.8 only
> for X86 boxen?  Most, if not all, the comments in the various .def
> files lead me to think that it is...

There are no usable drivers for Solaris 9 SPARC for the Xorg server.
You might be able to get the old Xsun to build with cg6 card support,
but I'm not sure what that buys you over the Xsun included in Solaris.

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