CVS Update: xc (branch: trunk)

Adam Jackson ajax at
Thu Oct 28 21:36:50 PDT 2004

On Wednesday 27 October 2004 10:31, Thomas Winischhofer wrote:
> Log message:
>     SiS driver: Enhanced memcpy() stuff; added optimized memcpy() for AMD64
>                 (AMD64 code is entirely untested yet - anybody?)

This breaks the build when the driver is built with -fPIC (the default for 

sis_memcpy.c: In function `SiS_builtin_memcp2':
sis_memcpy.c:400: warning: string length `682' is greater than the length 
`509'ISO C89 compilers are required to support
sis_memcpy.c: In function `taketime':
sis_memcpy.c:500: error: PIC register `ebx' clobbered in `asm'
make[6]: *** [sis_memcpy.o] Error 1

The offending code:

__asm__ volatile (
             " cpuid\n"
             " .byte 0x0f, 0x31\n"
             "=a" (eax)
             "ebx", "ecx", "edx", "cc");

- ajax
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