Need to get the rects from a Region

Keith Packard keithp at
Thu Oct 28 22:09:24 PDT 2004

Around 0 o'clock on Oct 29, David Sharp wrote:

> I don't believe this a good solution, as it is implementation-specific, but
> I wonder if it is safe. How likely is it that the _XRegion struct will
> change?

There are several extension libraries which refer to the internals of the 
_XRegion structure for precisely this purpose.  I assert that this makes 
the _XRegion structure part of the public Xlib API and hence subject to 
the same rules as the rest of the API regarding changes (i.e. it will 
never change).

In the modular xlibs tree, the header file defining these data types
is installed; I expect the same will need to be true of a modularized tree as well, otherwise it would not be possible to build the 
extension libraries separate from Xlib.


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