Debugging drivers?

Thomas Winischhofer thomas at
Fri Oct 29 17:47:46 PDT 2004

Kendall Bennett wrote:
> Hi All,
> Has the situation changed somewhat from the XFree86 days with debugging 
> the loadable modules in the server using GDB? I am still stuck on Red Hat 
> 7.3 to have a working GDB that will debug loadable modules, and I want to 
> move my X development box up to Fedora Core 2. Unfortunately I just tried 
> my old GDB 6.0 patch under x86 and it crashes as soon as it tries to do 
> something with the module (hit a breakpoint or whatever).
> Strangely we used this about a month ago for our port to x86-64, and it 
> ran fine with GDB 6.0 on x86-64 and Fedora Core 2. 
> Is there a better patch for a later GDB that works on x86 versions of 
> Fedora Core 2? If not I suppose I can try to debug the current patch and 
> then try to port it to GDB 6.2.1.

AIFAK, there was a specially patched gdb for debugging loadable modules. 
Egbert Eich knows more about this.


Thomas Winischhofer
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