cfb conversion effort (was Re: Debugging drivers?)

Roland Mainz roland.mainz at
Sun Oct 31 23:15:26 PST 2004

Adam Jackson wrote:
> Intermediate challenge would be something like sunleo or sunffb, where magic
> GC handling is used to implement primitive acceleration - double entendre on
> "primitive" totally intended.  This is pretty gross and fb doesn't expose the
> same functionality; I suspect it can be dropped in most cases without too
> much pain.

Erm... that will be a _huge_ problem as all the print DDX override the
GC handing (the fully-vector based DDXs like Postscript and SVGprint
should not be a problem... but all the PCL drivers are some kind of
crossbreed between bitmap and vector DDX).

> There's an experimental patch to convert sunleo to fb:
> which I have received no feedback on as of yet, and I don't have the hardware
> to verify it. 

Did you ask some of the Sun people yet ? They should have the matching
hardware... :)

> The final step would be converting our overlay support to use fb.  I don't
> even know where to begin here, largely for lack of hardware.  I see a couple
> of functions in the fb layer that look like they're intended for overlay
> support.  I've been tempted to just drop our overlay support altogether to
> see who complains; my guess is, roughly, nobody.

Uhm... I would complain. LOUDLY. :)



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