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Hamie hamish at travellingkiwi.com
Wed Sep 1 03:17:02 PDT 2004

Cameron wrote:

>I don't believe that glxgears itself is necessarily a meaningful
>benchmark. How about the Unreal Tournament 2004 demo? Or perhaps Enemy
>Territory. Clearly, this would only work for PC users though I still
>think we would get an excellent idea of where certain video cards stand
>under Linux and X.org in general.
>I recently found out how to benchmark unreal 2004 in Linux on a gentoo
>forum (ran into it through google). Mostly it requires a simple script.
>Both unreal tournament 2004 demo and enemy territory are free to
>Of course, we could still use glxgears additionally.

That's what I'd like to see. Several columns of data. From glxgears 
(Because it's easy, comes with XOrg as standard & provides a quick but 
possibly not extreemly meaningful figure) to real-world apps.

Real world apps would be good because then people know what they'll be 
getting from those apps (Although again it means little to any other 
app). Does x11perf measure any GL stuff? I don't see any specifics in 
the short help from it. What about a glperf benchmarking tool that runs 
through a few things like x11perf does...

basically the only benchmark that's worth anything is you own app. But 
at the moment there appears to be nothing. And perhaps if there wsa, 
we'd get more support from vendors who were keen to see their hardware 
do better (After all it seems to work for the 3D-Marks etc they publish 
in magazines). [Maybe we could get Linux Mag or Linux Format etc to have 
a regular entry at the end of the mag like T3 etc do that lists the 
fastest & most stable card etc).


>Just an idea.
>On Tue, 2004-08-31 at 18:49, Carl Karsten wrote:
>>>>What's the chance of having a page on the XOrg (Or freedesktop.org)
>>>>websites that lists the different cards supported by the XOrg server and
>>>>their performance with glxgears or some easy to run benchmark under Linux?
>>>That would be extremely nice, however, it would be hard to
>>>benchmark correctly all video cards supported. AFAIK glxgears
>>>FPSs also depends on the CPU and available RAM so, you'd have to
>>>test all the cards on a single PC to have a nice and correct
>>It shouldn't be too hard to collect the hardware stats to make meaningful
>>CPU type, speed, amount and speed of cache, video and main memory.  It shouldn't
>>be too hard for a program to gather the stats and submit to a server
>>automatically.  Perhaps even make it an option of the install program, or
>>something that makes it super simple for 1000's of installations to submit
>>Then a vehix.com like site where a person can enter what they do have and see
>>what configurations will give them a speedy system.  For instance, if have a
>>P2-400, 128 meg, S3 Savage 4, I would like to see what the stats would be for a
>>(P3-550, 128, S3), or upgrade the memory, or just the card.  Wouldn't be too
>>hard to add in some price factors and I could figure out what the best way to
>>spend $100.
>>OK, that seems like a good start of a spec.  Is this something that could be
>>given a wiki page so it can be fleshed out?
>>Carl K
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