Gentoo/Sparc test report

Donnie Berkholz spyderous at
Wed Sep 1 22:53:11 PDT 2004

Tester: Ferris McCormick (fmccor AT

Executive summary:

Everything's pretty much perfect with Sparc64. Builds, installs and
conformance tests (no diff from expected). No real need exists to post
logs since there were no problems.

With Sparc32, some odd problems cause SMP systems to fail builds when
running 2.4.x kernels (
See point 2 in the top link.

With 2.4.x kernels, the 'kbd' driver doesn't seem to work properly on
sun keyboards ( See point
3 in the top link.

Default compiler flags are inappropriate. See point 4 in the top link.
Donnie Berkholz
Gentoo Linux
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