Release candidate 4 tagged

Kevin E Martin kem at
Thu Sep 2 02:09:55 PDT 2004

This morning release candidate 4 (RC4) was tagged and it is expected
that this will be the final release candidate before the 6.8 release is
tagged later this week.  Several changes have been checked into the tree
since RC3 that will affect the builds, so we ask for you help to make
sure that we have resolved all of the final issues.

If you are building packages for others to test, please build them
against the XORG-6_7_99_904 tag and reply to this mailing list with the
location of your packages.

The test matrix on the status page will be updated later today with the
most recent test results.  If you have not sent in your test results,
please do so now so that we can make sure that we have the latest info
on our status page.  The test matrix can be found here:

On that page are instructions for running the build, install, run and
conformance tests.  We would like to fill in as much of this test matrix
as possible before the release later this week.  There has been much
more testing recently, and we very much appreciate your work.

As we are finalizing the release, any documentation updates that need to
be added should be added to the release notes bug (fd.o bugzilla #999).
Patches to the documentation can be attached to that bug as well for
inclusion in the release.

Thank you all for your help with this release!

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