RC4 build test results - Slackware 10.

Paul Blazejowski diffie at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 12:23:48 PDT 2004

Hello folks,

These tests were performed on Slackware Linux 10.0, kernel 2.6 under
AMD Athlon i686 arch using GCC 3.3.4 compiler. Video card used is ATI
Radeon 9600XT.


1. Paul Blazejowski
2. 2nd September 2004
3. Slackware Linux 10.0 (IA-32)
4. XORG-6_7_99_904 (6.8.0 RC 4)
5. Build test status (empty host.def): passed,
    BuildServersOnly defined as YES: passed
    DoLoadableServer defined as NO: passed
6. Install test status (empty host.def): passed
    Install with ProjectRoot defined to be something
    other than the default and NothingOutsideProjectRoot defined as YES: passed
7. Conformance test status: not tested
8. Run test status: passed and failed, details below

1. X test suite: not tested
2. x11perf:  tested and passed (using x11perf -all)
3. rendercheck:  not tested
4.  Standard graphical environment: GNOME 2.6.2 (Dropline GNOME) works
OK but the lower taskbar is not visible when app is maximized eg. when
firefox,terminal is maximized the resizing is not happening instead
the whole window takes the desktop space and hides the taskbar
underneath. Perhaps GNOME issue not related to Xorg?
5. GL test: software rendering only no DRI on Radeon 9600XT, glxinfo,
glxgears runs and gives about 350fps,  Enemy Territory loads and runs
in software mode only (very slow) using GLX MESA Indirect rendering,
Quake3 not tested
6. VT switching: ctrl-alt-f1/f6 works, although there's noticable
screen garble when switching back from VT to X that dissapears after a


Paul B.
FreeBSD the Power to Serve!

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