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Thu Sep 2 17:48:47 PDT 2004

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On Thursday 02 September 2004 20:28, Lee Revell wrote:
> I get tons of warnings compiling xorg.  Is anyone making a concerted
> effort to clean up the code?  Are there any coding standards I could
> refer to for the recommended way to clean these up?  I would be willing
> to help but I don't want to duplicate any efforts.

Sounds like you're volunteering ;).  No one is undertaking such a project that 
I know of, though I'm vaguely planning to convert all the K&R-style code to 
ANSI sometime after 6.8 ships.  This would at least take care of the 
"function declaration is not a prototype" warnings.

As usual, the best way to do this would be to open a bug for it, attach the 
patch, and await feedback.  Best to do it in stages too, for example all of 
one class of warning for just the video drivers in one patch, to make it 
easier to review.

Don't bother trying to clean up any framebuffer cores besides fb, afb, and 
xf8*, since I'm planning to deprecate the rest anyway.

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