When "Xorg -configure" doesn't produce a usable configuration

stuart kreitman Stuart.Kreitman at Sun.COM
Fri Sep 3 07:44:06 PDT 2004

My configuration happens to be an HP pavilion zx5000 with Nvidia 
x10de/0x0179 (GeForce4 440 64Mb).
This machine has "widescreen LCD" that claims up to 1900x1440.
I've been comparing behaviours of Xsun and Xorg on Solaris.

I'm starting to think that the 0x0179 or its BIOS has some fundamental 
differences from other Nvidia products
that require special casing. In particular, I have a desktop box with 
0x0188 (Quadra4 AGP) that is much more
stable and usable. Perhaps a lot of the low level control is well 
handled in the TwinView binaries, but I need to
show this working in the open source ddx.

Particular problems include:

analog output syncs differently from LCD, and management of the 2 is not 
obvious. Have to ask HP about
hotkey or other.
Xorg -configure output does not sync up the LCD. It registers at 
1280x1024, but no joy. After a cold reboot,
the screen comes up at 640x480
When the X server exits, it leaves the LCD unsynced. Occasionally, the 
analog out is synced ok. This happens
even when it was at 640x480.

I would appreciate a pointer to hand-tuning the config file.
I expect the dual screen and on-exit problems will require work in the 
ddx and perhaps driver.
Is there a proc in the ddx to int11 or otherwise tweak the chip into low 

Mark: apologies for the direct message if you've moved on from our 
little X world.
Who do we have at Xorg with some experience inside the o.s. nvidia ddx's?


Stuart Kreitman

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