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Sat Sep 4 09:35:13 PDT 2004

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> On Sat, 04 Sep 2004 11:20:56 +0100, Hamie <hamish at> 
> wrote:
> They provide full 2D accerlation for all their currently available
> cards as well as full support for both crtcs, non-bios mode setting,
> and DFPs, LCDs, and CRTs.  The only thing that requires the use of
> their binary module is 3D acceleration for their current chips.  Ati
> is no different than any other chip vender at this point.  With the
> exception of intel no other vendor has released opensource drivers or
> databooks for current generation 3D chips. When you look the feature
> set they support in opensource it outweighs what almost evey other
> vendor provides.

Thats good to know. If Intel released all the specs for their 3d 
hardware even if it is not as powerfull as the others I know which 
board im going to buy now.

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