Vendor support (was Re: The ati petition)

Alan Cox alan at
Sun Sep 5 04:39:22 PDT 2004

On Sad, 2004-09-04 at 21:24, Lee Revell wrote:
> The VIA stuff is bleeding edge.  The DRI driver isn't in the kernel yet,
> or in Xorg CVS.  I am told the 3D support works but I have not been able
> to get it working yet

It works beautifully.

> But, all the source is there.  The code released by VIA was horrible and
> apparently machine generated,

Also untrue. The code produced by VIA for the driver was in their house
style (very windows) as you'd expect not in DRI or Linux house style.

> Most of the work is done by 2 people, the unichrome project could always
> use more developers. 

Most of the original work was done by VIA, then I did a clean up and now
its been passed on further. Ivor ( in between fighting his
neighbours over hedges reverse engineered the one bit they wouldnt
provide info on (the mpeg2 slice engine).


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