Keyboard freeze after resume from software suspend

Milan Svoboda milan.svoboda at
Wed Sep 8 04:14:58 PDT 2004

Hello all,

I have one problem with software suspend.
There is my story:

Software suspend works almost OK while I work only
with console. Only console window is more longer than
my lcd display, so some bottom lines are invisible.
Keyboard is working pretty good.

But then I want to start XOrg and
keyboard freeze. But everyting else works all-right.
Graphics is using XV overlay, mplayer plays film perfectly,
touchpad works, ...

When I switch from XOrg to console again, keyboard is still

Does anybody any hint how to solve this?

I'm using:
 Notebook HP Omnibook xt6200
 Frame buffer
 ACPI (only for battery monitoring)
 XOrg shipped with Slackware-10
 Ati mobility M6 (I'm not sure) with XOrg driver

 Before suspend I unloaded all unused modules.
 I don't use GMP (mouse driver for console)

Milan Svoboda

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