AMD64, NVIDIA & composite

Janne Ojaniemi janne.ojaniemi at
Thu Sep 9 10:51:29 PDT 2004

I just installed the new 6.8.0 on my Gentoo-machine. After reading users 
comment in the Gentoo-forums, it seemed to me that Composite worked really 
well, espesially if you have NVIDIA-graphics. Well, I have NVIDIA-graphics, 
and it doesn't work for me. I now have these problems with 6.8.0:

1. I can move windows around with no problems. It doesn't matter if they are 
transparent or not, nor does it matter if they have shadows or not. But if I 
try to resize them (in my system, the content of the window is shown while 
resizing), it's really slow and I get corrupted graphics. 
 2. People have demonstrated how cool it looks to move a transparent windows 
over a video being played back. But that doesn't work on my system. The video 
is not displayed through the transparent window. Also, the topmost window 
casts a _blue_ shadow on the video 
 3. Not related to composite: My keyboard repeat-rate seems screwed up. I mean 
that if I push the left-arrow (doesn't really matter which key I press) down 
while typing this, it scrolls fast to the left. For about one second. Then it 
gets really slow. 
I have RenderAccel enabled in xorg.conf (RenderAccel being disabled seems to 
be the primary reason for slow performance with composite). Desktop is 

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