AMD64, NVIDIA & composite

Malte Obbel Forsberg malte at
Thu Sep 9 13:20:20 PDT 2004

Janne Ojaniemi wrote:

> 1. I can move windows around with no problems. It doesn't matter if they are 
> transparent or not, nor does it matter if they have shadows or not. But if I 
> try to resize them (in my system, the content of the window is shown while 
> resizing), it's really slow and I get corrupted graphics. 

I can confirm this behaviour on my AMD64 machine. As soon as xcompmgr
is started, resizing windows gets really slow and there are some
artifacts left on the screen.

> I have RenderAccel enabled in xorg.conf (RenderAccel being disabled seems to 
> be the primary reason for slow performance with composite). Desktop is 
> KDE3.3.

The exact same setup over here.

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