AMD64, NVIDIA & composite

Drew Toto plac3bo at
Thu Sep 9 11:18:02 PDT 2004

I have the same issue with my keyboard repeat rate, it just started
after new version of xorg.  I'm very interested in a fix for this.

My performance was very significantly improved also after enabling
RenderAccel in the Device section (also have an NVidia)

One other thing that has really been bothering me about this new
version of xorg is that I can no longer raise/lower windows.  My WM is
fluxbox, and usually (w/ xorg 6.7.x) i could just click to raise
windows.  With the composite extension, clicking does nothing.  Is
there another setting I'm missing for this, or this this just the way
its gonna be for a while until WMs natively support the new features??

Any feedback would help, I'm very Linux Desktop user and am most
likely overlooking something obvious.



On Thu, 9 Sep 2004 20:51:29 +0300, Janne Ojaniemi <janne.ojaniemi at> wrote:
> I just installed the new 6.8.0 on my Gentoo-machine. After reading users
> comment in the Gentoo-forums, it seemed to me that Composite worked really
> well, espesially if you have NVIDIA-graphics. Well, I have NVIDIA-graphics,
> and it doesn't work for me. I now have these problems with 6.8.0:
> 1. I can move windows around with no problems. It doesn't matter if they are
> transparent or not, nor does it matter if they have shadows or not. But if I
> try to resize them (in my system, the content of the window is shown while
> resizing), it's really slow and I get corrupted graphics.
>  2. People have demonstrated how cool it looks to move a transparent windows
> over a video being played back. But that doesn't work on my system. The video
> is not displayed through the transparent window. Also, the topmost window
> casts a _blue_ shadow on the video
>  3. Not related to composite: My keyboard repeat-rate seems screwed up. I mean
> that if I push the left-arrow (doesn't really matter which key I press) down
> while typing this, it scrolls fast to the left. For about one second. Then it
> gets really slow.
> I have RenderAccel enabled in xorg.conf (RenderAccel being disabled seems to
> be the primary reason for slow performance with composite). Desktop is
> KDE3.3.
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