Nice video of composite running from

Alan Cox alan at
Fri Sep 10 09:55:58 PDT 2004

On Gwe, 2004-09-10 at 18:27, Ryan Gallagher wrote:
> > If someone knows the person who generated this file, *please* let
> > me know.  We need to be able to generate similar files in the future,
> > for many projects...
> Yikes, I'd also like to know what card that's running on.  If I were to
> make such a video with my radeon 9000 it'd be more like a warning than
> an enticement.  Transset turns my desktop into a translucent turtle.

Tim Waugh's vncrecord generates movies of X sessions (or anything else
that can be sent/captured over VNC). That also has the advantage it will
capture the data accurately unlike a tv card so it encodes better when
you feed it to theora.

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