X.org 6.8 upgrade - glxinfo with fglrx driver crashes X ?

Osho GG oshogg at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 12:55:49 PDT 2004


I just updated to X.org 6.8 using SuSE 9.1's RPMs. I have ATI Mobility
FireGL2 graphics card. If I use radeon driver with 6.8, direct
rendering is disabled and render acceleration is disabled as well. If
I enable composite acceleration it is extremely slow. xcompmgr is
extremely slow.

I tried using ATI's latest (3.12) drivers to enable 3d acceleration.
If dri is enabled then doing glxinfo immediately crashes X server. If
I disabled dri with ATI's drivers - well then I don't see much of a
point of using it.

What is recommended so I can get drop shadows at reasonable speed?
Isn't it ironic that if I had an older card (r128) - I would actually
be in a better position ??


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