[Unichrome-devel] New libXvMC wrapper.

Thomas Hellstrom unichrome at shipmail.org
Sat Sep 11 00:24:38 PDT 2004

Hi, Terry!

The way OpenGL does this is to query the X server "which driver should I 
load?". That would have been the best. Unfortunately this is not part of 
the very incomplete XvMC X protocol.

The problem to be solved (for future compatibility) is the following:
1. Is the X server local? If not, best for now is to shut down.
2. What is the name of the XvMC Driver? One option would be to load in 
turn a number of known drivers and try to create a context. This will 
most likely fail if the wrong driver is used.

Right now the wrapper is quite verbose when it fails so at least a 
mailing list should be able to tell what's wrong, but I agree with you, 
it would have been better to do it automatically. I was out of ideas.

Any suggestions?


Terry Barnaby wrote:

> Hi Thomas,
> Sounds good.
> Would it be possible though to eliminate the configuration file in 
> some way
> at get the library to determine which hardware is in use ?
> Adding configuration items always gets users in a muddle :)
> I know this is tricky ... Maybe from the DRM or is there is a XFree86
> extenstion that will provide the information ....

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