[Unichrome-devel] New libXvMC wrapper.

Ricardo Baratto ricardo at cs.columbia.edu
Sun Sep 12 12:09:06 PDT 2004

hi, newbie question here,

> >Surely if not send bitstream over the protocol
> >
> >  
> >
> This would have been nice, since it would allow decoding to take place 
> in the local X server of a
> cheap EPIA board. Unfortunately, the protocol implementation in the X 
> server is not complete, and just implements surface and context creation 
> / deletion and capability querying.
is it possible to do all the decoding in hw with existing cards? in other words, if the 
protocol was complete could we just send the stream directly to the remote card 
and get remote hw video decoding? or one would still need to do some of the work
in software in the local X server?


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