Xinerama and composite?

Christian Hoenig list at
Sun Sep 12 14:38:26 PDT 2004


> I've tried it on 2 computers, both with a dualhead NVidia Geforce 4 video
> card using the binary drivers (one of them has a Geforce 4 MX440, the other
> with a TI4200) with a standard dualhead setup (*NOT* nvidia twinview - that
> seems to work - extremely slowly (it seems that it looses the acceleration
> that I set up in my config) - but causes problems with other things) and in
> both cases it only works when the Xinerama extension is disabled.
> If Xinerama is enabled on my setup, the shadows are drawn very nicely on my
> primary screen, but the window contents seem to be missing, and on the
> second screen nothing is drawn properly, and some random segments of
> windows *may* flash.
> This seems to have nothing to do with window managers (tested under xfce,
> gnome (metacity), and fluxbox)

I see the exact same behaviour with my tripple head setup (Radeon 9600pro for 
2 heads and another MGA Mystique 220 for the third).

Though I thought before, that this was because of a currently missing feature 
(whatever that was, I do not remember, but I read somewhere, that smth is 
missing) in the radeon driver.

take care, have fun

take care, have fun

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