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Tue Sep 14 06:40:47 PDT 2004

>> -registry- i installed registry a long time ago; regedit work fine for
>> both users and root; I used xorgcfg to generate /etc/X11/xorg.conf, but
>> no
>> entry were added to registry; how do I do that ?

I ll report that in BTS

>> -synaptics mouse- I used to use both my touchpad and my USB mouses under
>> xfree, and when I switched to x.org I think it used to work fine ... but
>> when I installed the synaptics driver, xorg used only the mouse which is
>> called "mouse0"; note that I did not try the synaptics with xfree. What
>> is

In fact ... there was two Server layout sections ... xorg only took care
of the first one I never noticed ... and forget about the second one.

>> -DPMS- with xfree, I had a small script: '/usr/X11R6/bin/xset dpms force
>> off' I used to switch off the screen, but with xorg, it only turn it
>> black, and keep the light on; is that an other xorg bug or did I
>> misconfigured sth wrong ?
>> Section "Monitor"
>> [..]
>>         Option          "DPMS"
>> EndSection
> I find the same thing to be true.  I'm unable to shut off the
> backlight.  Xorg 6.8, radeon driver.  I'm pretty sure this is a new bug.

I ll report it also in BTS soon.

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