Render conformance

Martijn Sipkema msipkema at
Wed Sep 15 05:04:40 PDT 2004

> One of the ideas with component alpha is to be able to use compositing
> for sub-pixel rendered graphics and I don't think that there's any
> simpler way to do that than the above explanation.
> yes, it seems to be really hard to accelerate. 

Why do we actually use Render instead of just using OpenGL. Another
API to learn and implement, not well documented, not cross-platform and
hard to accelerate.

As for sub-pixel (as in per component) rendered graphics, I think that's a
bad idea also. Now pixel data is display dependend and the abstraction of
the ``picture element is essentially'' gone.

- drop XRender, use OpenGL only
- don't do sub-pixel/component rendering, it is more trouble than it's worth.
- create a single library/API for 2d poscript-like drawing (OpenVG?)
- use an auxiliary buffer to render a antialiased path without using
multisampling, i.e. make sure most drivers can provide a configuration
with an aux buffer.


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