Writing Touchscreen calibration utility

Tristan Van Berkom vantr at touchtunes.com
Wed Sep 15 13:57:15 PDT 2004

Sergei Mutovkin wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm new to the X development and this is my first ever post to this ML...
Hi !
     I wrote a touchscreen calibration routine for exactly the same driver,
but unfortunatly I did it bass-ackwards so I dont know the correct way
of doing this (i.e. unloading the elographics_drv.o and modifying the
X config file), but its nice to hear that someone is going to do it right ;-D

If you write it in Qt, you'll drag in IMO alot of dependancies for a simple
calibration tool, I would sugest doing it in raw xlib (but thats just me...)

If its any help, you might want to look at this fix:

I'll be sending that patch to xorg bugzilla as soon as I get the
chance to look at the xorg code.

If its any help, when I wrote my calibration I used a named pipe
to transmit raw values to the calibration app from the server,
this was tricky because the libc wrapper did not support
non-blocking io, its an easy fix though, just look at
      ...xfree86/os-support/linux/libc_wrapper.c &

Ofcource this is xfree86.org specific, I have no idea right now if
the xorg tree differs in respect with input modules and their protocol.


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