Patches for review

Alexander Gottwald Alexander.Gottwald at
Thu Sep 16 13:30:38 PDT 2004


I have some patches ready for commiting but want to ask for comments:

#920: fix undefined references in libdpstkXm
  quite simple fix. Adds psres and dpstk library to the linklist and builds
  psres before dpstk

#1079: wrong symbolnames in MESA assembler with cygwin
  The patch adds cygwin to the list of OSes where symbols are prepended
  with an underscore.
  The patch is for extras/Mesa/src/mesa/tnl/t_vtx_x86_gcc.S. Can I commit
  this to xorg cvs or should this go to mesa first?

#1257: [regression] slash key broken on br abnt2 keyboards
  I ship slighly different XKB definitions for cygwin where the slash key
  is mapped to scancode 123 instead of 211.
  It seems scancode 123 was assigned to this key some time ago but this
  has changed now.  Who can help in resolving the issue?

 Alexander.Gottwald at           ICQ: 126018723

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