AMD64 Xorg Help Needed

Alan Cox alan at
Fri Sep 17 07:28:55 PDT 2004

On Gwe, 2004-09-17 at 14:47, sam williams wrote:
> After much trying and quite frankly drawing a blank through a number
> of mailing lists, including Matrox, Tyan,  and Fedora Core 2, I've

I've run 16 heads on Fedora Core 2. That is the limit before X blows up
because of internal table sizes. That was with a quad head AGP Nvidia
R128 (interesting beast - two R128s and an AGP bridge), and 3 quad S3
Virge cards. It took some doing because not all combinations of cards
work as secondary head because it depends on whether the vendor ever
gave init code, and if not whether int10 booting the card works.

Some cards also appear to have BIOS bugs - I've never got my SiS6326 to
work multihead for example because its video BIOS hooks something that
gives the other cards indigestion.

I've also done large numbers of heads in 32bit when testing Voodoo
drivers although you only get one port per PCI slot that way.

Xorg 6.8 also supports giant display setups using multiple PCI's via

> that there is an xorg-6.7.0-lib  dependency that isn't being
> addressed.  Don't see this at all on the 32-bit FC2 boxes. I opened a
> bugzilla report with Fedora over that and it was promptly closed by
> someone who said run "yum upgrade" it will fix the problem.

Thats the usually correct answer - when you are using a mirror thats out
of sync and lacks some file.

> I'm currently running a 32-bit version of  Redhat 9 ( I guess there
> was no 64-bit version), in the hopes that the mga_hal driver code I've

Correct. Be aware there is no Red Hat 9 kernel without security holes
nowdays so you should pick up stuff from Fedora Legacy or build a base
2.4.25 kernel (and new mozilla, image libs etc)

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