Fonts and XKB problems

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On Sat, 18 Sep 2004 17:27:29 +1000
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> (Resent without attachment as it seems it didn't make it to the list,
> I appologize in advance if it was just waiting for moderator approval...)
> Hi !
> I decided to give a try on my PowerBook so I can start hacking on
> the ATI driver (the radeon one, it has some PPC issues that I need to
> fix) but encountered a few problems in the meantime. Unfortunately,
> those are areas that for which I don't have the beginning of a clue of
> what's going on...
> 1) Fonts. Apparently, this is related to having the libs
> overriding the XFree ones (I have before xfree in
> Whatever server I use, if I have xorg libs in front, my gnome
> environment lose most of my fonts, that is the fontconfig ones it seems,
> gnome uses app-local rendering of fonts if my memory is correct, not the
> X server). There must be some lib incompatibility in there but I don't
> know where precisely

I had the same problem after I compiled and installed with
NothingOutsideProjectRoot. I fixed it by replacing
/usr/X11R6-XORG/etc/fonts/font.conf with a symbolic link to
/etc/fonts/fonts.conf and the same for local.conf. You may have to redo
this after every make install. :-/ Maybe avoiding to compile and install
libfontconfig would do the trick too. When I wrote my host.def it was
still needed, but that may have changed in the mean time.

> 2) Keyboard. For ages, I've been carrying an old hacked keymap that
[snip ... don't know anything about Mac keyboards]


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