X.Org Foundation Official Release of X Window System X11R6.8.1

René Rebe rene at rocklinux-consulting.de
Sat Sep 18 10:15:56 PDT 2004


Gene Heskett wrote:

>>>>btw. that release from http://freedesktop.org/~xorg/X11R6.8.1
>>>>identifies itself as:
>>>>X Window System Version 6.8.0
>>>>Release Date: 8 September 2004
>>>>X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0, Release 6.8
>>>>not as 6.8.1 1X September.
>>If you look at the xc/config/cf/xorg.cf file (after untarring the
>>source tarballs), you'll see that the release version is 6.8.1 and
>>the release date is 17 September 2004.  You'll need to do a
>>complete "make World" and "make install" from the source tarballs
>>to get the latest version properly built and installed on your

Hm - strange. The automated rebuild in my cluster (fresh untar of 
course) installed a binary claiming to be 6.8.0 ... :-( I review this 
later (need to do some other work right now).

>>>It would be nice if those values could be tripple checked for the
>>>next release and the announce sent out _after_ the files are
>>>world-read-able ... to avoid some confusion.
>>The sources were put in place on fdo within 10 min of the
>>announcement going out and were verified to be accessible.  Could
>>you explain what problems you had accessing the files?
> The link supplied in the announcement was not world readable for 
> several hours after the announcement.  I, like I suspect a lot of 
> other people, got a "no right to read this file" message.

Exactly this problem is what I described. No personal offence Martin, 
you do a great job! I just wanted to mention it in this thread ...

Have a great day, night, ...

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