Render Accel with Radeons

Ayan Chakrabarti ayan.chakrabarti at
Sun Sep 19 12:33:59 PDT 2004


How can it be a problem in XAA when it works fine on machines with
nvidia cards ? I mean, since the radeon render acceleration and the
nvidia render acceleration both work through XAA, the fact that the
radeon driver doesn't accelerate this stuff probably means that
there's something missing in the radeon driver. I'm only guessing
here, of course.

Btw, I downloaded the KDrive xserver (from the CVS) and am in the
process of compiling it (lots of the files are screwed, they
give an AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR after the AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE). The screenshots
looked pretty impressive. What features does it lack, if any,
vis-a-vis the xserver (besides the fact that its still a
development version)  ? I read somewhere that there are some
permission issues,  is that still a problem ?

Ayan Chakrabarti

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