X.Org Foundation Official Release of X Window System X11R6.8.1

Arkadiusz Miskiewicz arekm at pld-linux.org
Sun Sep 19 13:30:08 PDT 2004

On Sunday 19 of September 2004 05:32, Daniel Stone wrote:

> > So do us _all_ a favor, please kill the obviously bogus
> > xorg-6.8.1-src.tar.gz on the web server, and copy the one from
> > ftp.x.org to it and relink it for downloading.  The one on the web
> > page might as well be a copy of 6.7 from the way it runs.  In short,
> > "Its dead, Jim".
> There are no code differences between the file on ftp.x.org and the one
> on freedesktop.org.  Repeate, no code differences.
But since md5sums are changing you can never be sure that you got the right 
sources without any backdoors and such stuff. That's the reason why 
repackaging sucks. (+ our (pld) build system will report error when md5sums 
do not match but that's not big deal).

> X releases are hard, let's go shopping,
> Daniel

/me on 6.8.1, savage, working well so far (but didn't test new extensions 
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