DRM radeon i2c support and GPL

Keith Whitwell keith at tungstengraphics.com
Mon Sep 20 02:57:56 PDT 2004

Jon Smirl wrote:
> I just checked a small change into DRM CVS that adds sysfs i2c support
> to the linux radeon driver. The patch includes some GPL licensed code
> extracted from the Linux kernel. The GPL files are only in the
> drm/linux directory. No GPL code was added to drm/shared or drm/bsd so
> the BSD build does not include the GPL code. The two GPL licensed
> files are clearly marked including warnings not to copy them into the
> BSD build.

The issue with GPL and drm is as I have stated several times now that we've 
wanted XFree, and now Xorg, to be able to distribute this code as part of 
their tree.

XFree86 had a strong policy against allowing GPL into their tree, I don't know 
what Xorg's stand is.  Maybe someone can comment from there?


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