DRM radeon i2c support and GPL

Jon Smirl jonsmirl at gmail.com
Mon Sep 20 09:59:01 PDT 2004

On Mon, 20 Sep 2004 12:29:30 -0400, Adam Jackson <ajax at nwnk.net> wrote:
> License compatibility != OS compatibility, please don't conflate the two.  X
> runs on more than just Linux, and source is distributed as an aggregate.  If

The Linux DRM driver does not run anywhere but on Linux. The GPL code
is isolated to the Linux DRM driver.

I wonder if DRM isn't GPL already by accident. DRM has been included
in the Linux kernel under the GPL license. DRM has also accepted many
bug patches back from the kernel people. If a fork had occurred
between kernel and DRM it would be clear than one fork is GPL and one
BSD. But the code never forked. Since there is only one code base and
that code base has been released GPL via the kernel, so we may have
inadvertently made DRM GPL.

I'd feel a whole lot better about the licensing if BSD and Linux DRM
were split into two repositories.

> it's really that big of a deal, ask the author of the GPL code to allow you
> to add it to DRM under an X-friendly license.

This is a waste of time. I know that some of the authors have a GPL or
die attitude towards device driver code.

> Yes, I think it's silly too.
> - ajax

Jon Smirl
jonsmirl at gmail.com

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