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Eric Anholt eta at
Mon Sep 20 16:00:02 PDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-09-20 at 15:18, Deron Johnson wrote:
> If I have a checked out copy of an xorg cvs repository, I can
> use cvs status README to find out the branch for that repository.
> But how can I find out the parent of that branch, the grandparent
> etc. I've scoured the CVS documentation and I can't seem to find
> anything that describes how to print out the topology of the
> branch tree.

I don't think a hierarchy is defined in any useful way.  Tag -b (not
rtag) branches off of whatever revisions you have checked out in your
working copy.  I could have a mix of HEAD and 6.8-release and whatever
else I wanted as the base of my new branch.  One example would be that
the default branch for most of xc/extras/Mesa is the vendor branch
(MESA, revisions 1.1.1.*), while much of the rest of the tree is the
head (no branch, revisions 1.*), with the exception of files still on
the XFree86 vendor branch (XFree86, also revisions 1.1.1.*).  Tagging a
new branch like 6.8 will take a lot of files files from head, but also
the latest MESA or XFree86 vendor-branch revisions for those files that
haven't been modified in CVS.

Now, I bet someone could write a nifty tool to approximate a hierarchy,
but it's not as simple as it would seem from the common-case usage.

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