6.8.1's memory footprint

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Mon Sep 20 21:45:33 PDT 2004


A couple of questions this time. Extacy brand 9200SE radeon card.

1) running glxgears, it starts out at about 350fps, but stumbles and 
stutters such that in about 1 minutes running time, its down to  the 
40 to 60 fps range.  Is this expected?  Or is it running ot of buffer 
or something that I could maybe fix in the /etc/X11/Xorg.conf file?

2) a fresh start of X shows about 141 megs for vmSize, and 40 megs for 
vmRss.  Then I go around all my kde screens and get them to init 
their backgrounds and the first figure rises to the 170 meg area.  I 
no memory pressure is otherwise applied, X will gradually grab 
another 40 to 70 megs of vmSize.  I've seen it over 250 once, but 210 
is a lot more common.  And, just now, the uptime isn't over 2 hours, 
and 20 minutes back it was up to 201 for vmSize.  Then amanda fired 
up to do her nightly dumps, and suddenly X has released a lot of 
memory!  Back to about 164 megs for vmSize, and only 17.7 megs for 
vmRss.  Thats the least I've ever seen that at.

2 of my background images are truely humungous Hubble Deep Field shots 
of the oldest light we've detected yet, 30 to 60 meg images each.  
Displaying them isn't going to be free in any sense of the word.
Is this wide variation I'm seeing to be considered normal?  That one 
shot up to 250 megs makes it an order of magnitude greater than 
anything else running on this system, or very close to a full order, 
and it seems a bit out of line to me.

Cheers, Gene
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