DRM radeon i2c support and GPL

Nicolas Mailhot Nicolas.Mailhot at laPoste.net
Tue Sep 21 02:11:58 PDT 2004

Le mardi 21 septembre 2004 à 00:58 -0700, Kean Johnston a écrit :
> > I picked a very simple piece of code to start out with as a test case.
> > The I2C code is only a hundred lines and could be rewritten. But
> > what's the point, BSD doesn't have Linux's I2C driver system. This
> > code has no value anywhere but on Linux.
> That's not a statement thats safe to make. BSD (or any other OS
> that XOrg supports) may not have Linux's I2C driver system. TODAY.
> What if, next week, BSD gets such a beast, or HP-UX does, or
> Solaris or whatever. Maybe now that code that is currently only
> of value on Linux is of value on a broad range of systems.

Then the xorg code will be rewritten in a platform-agnostic way with a
more permissive license. Or do you believe you can write now some code
that will work as-is with yet unwritten platform implementations? Since
the code *will* need to be adapted then, the licensing can be reviewed
at that time too.

That's the point people tried to make, I think.


Nicolas Mailhot
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