Minimizing 6.8.1 (not KDrive) to meet specs

Sergei Mutovkin msergei at
Wed Sep 22 13:13:37 PDT 2004

Hello everyone,

I'm looking into the ways to minimize 6.8.1 just to be able to
run bare minimum,
I think this is an interesting question since in many places on the
web where similar question was asked this question got unanswered.

- Run Kylix 3 developed application (Kylix 3 is based on Qt 2.3.0)
- Support Touchscreen (Elotouch AccuTouch), mouse, keyboard
- Have some basic support for S3 Savage chip
- Run in minimal possible memory
- Start instantly
- Occupy least amount of space on HDD

As far as I researched the Kylix requirement makes it impossible to
use KDrive (though I didn't test). Also I can not use Framebuffer
absolutely, since the RealTime application running at the background
gets totally broken (no longer proper timing).

I have attached my build script that compiles and creates
Slackware package. Inside I have host.def file definition, in which I
tried to define not to compile (use) any of the extensions I found in
"cf' folder.

Currently I get ~83Mb /usr/X11R6 folder and empty X (with TWM) is
close to 40Mb of RAM, according to 'top'. I would really, really want
to cut those 40Mb as much as possible and also improve current ~5+sec
start time for X...

Just for reference my system is LFS 5.1.1 with some small
modifications running on TimeSys Linux 2.4.18 RTOS kernel.

Thank you very much in advance,
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