XComposite and GLX

Amir Bukhari ufz6 at rz.uni-karlsruhe.de
Thu Sep 23 09:43:47 PDT 2004

now it is two days as I began study GLX, GLcore. to see how to redirect
"indirect Software rendering" at the end I find the following:

when GLX bind a window with context it assign the frontbuffer to the
window. this window will be rendered to it. As we redirect this window
with Composite its pixmap (normaly Screen pixmap) is replaced with
offscreen pixmap. thus GLcore when rendered to window it use this
offscreen and not directly access the framebuffer of the card.

I could redirect glxgears to offscreen and also a simple example of GLX.
my simple exmaple is redirect without problem. glxgears has some
problem, I don't know, because I have redirected during it was mapped!

when redirecting glxgears first the frame of the window manager go a way
and secondly the the window of the main (glxgears) is moved to the top
left corner and it always white until I kill it or kill my simple
composite manager.

if the above problem is not releated to Composite I think. Redirection
of Server Side GLX rendering is already supported.

On Tue, 2004-09-21 at 15:54, Amir Bukhari wrote: 
> I have began to study the GLX code, to see the best way of getting
> Composite extension to support redirection of GLX. I will concentrate at
> first on server side code (software rendering). this will be a key to go
> afterwards to support DRI.
> I would like to know if there is someone has began this before or plan
> to work in it, so that we could share ideas!
> please use this thread to discuss this issue.

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