Minimizing 6.8.1 (not KDrive) to meet specs

Sergei Mutovkin msergei at
Thu Sep 23 10:48:33 PDT 2004

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004 18:57:31 +0200, Francois Tigeot
<ftigeot at> wrote:
> -O3 and such doesn't imply better performance in all cases. You should do
> some benchmarking to be sure.

Can you give any hint on how I can measure a performance?

One question, I've read somewhere that there is a way to compile
everything into one file in X server, which might improve load time...
Is it feasible with X 6.8.1 or only KDrive?

> I was surprised to find -Os faster than -O2 during some tests, but then it
> was on a VIA C3, which is notorious for not having much cache...

Well, I will modify my build script to -Os and see if makes difference...

> To reduce /usr/X11R6 size I use mainly special options in host.def.
> Most fonts can be disabled like this:
>         echo "#define BuildSpeedoFonts          NO"             >> $LOCALDEF
>         echo "#define BuildType1Fonts           NO"             >> $LOCALDEF
>         echo "#define BuildCIDFonts             NO"             >> $LOCALDEF
>         echo "#define BuildTrueTypeFonts        NO"             >> $LOCALDEF
>         echo "#define Build75DpiFonts           NO"             >> $LOCALDEF

I wonder if 100DPI fonts can be used instead of 75dpi at all times?

> I have patches to apply to Imakefiles where it is not practical to
> disable the build and installation of components in an other way, but
> they only contribute to a minor part of the size reduction.

Well, the only real goal I have in mind is to fit whole distribution
with a lot of other software on 256Mb flash which will be bottable and
if needed reset hdd to "initial" state.

> For example, xc/programs/xkbcomp/geometry/Imakefile contains a list of
> many keyboards description files. I only need 'pc' so I patch all the
> others away before build time.

I will look into this file, very interesting.. I never even though of
this yet...

> There should be an option somewhere in Imakefile hell.
> grep(1) is your friend.

Hm... I know :) grepping helps, but not always :)

> ldd can be used to see which libraries your app uses.

Kylix applications can not be ldded for some reason, they use some
other method of linking againt libraries without linux ld..... :(

> I'm not sure for this one. Applications have no problem to display Truetype
> fonts, but they run from machines with full-featured X11 installations.

I don't know X11 protocol, to figure out how fonts are handled... but
I know that at times when my school machine didn't have anti-aliasing
and I had it enabled on my home server I could connect via SSH from
schoold with X forwarding enabled and view anti-aliased fonts... which
was super strange to see, as I thought only instructions were sent on
how to draw, etc...


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