kernel 2.6.9-rc2-mm2 vs glxgears

Dave Airlie airlied at
Thu Sep 23 21:36:37 PDT 2004

AGP 8x vs 4x is off little realworld value, with gears you will see
absolutely no difference so it probably isn't that... you can easily
get 8x, set your Xorg.conf file to have agpmode 2 instead of 4 .. I
think it works for me ...

I asked you on lk but you never answered or I didn't see it, but what
does do? Linus clean kernel no -mm patches.. also 2.6.9-rc2...
I've barely enough time to track Linus, Andrews kernels are way to
experiemental for doing work on ...


On Fri, 24 Sep 2004 00:32:33 -0400, Gene Heskett
<gene.heskett at> wrote:
> On Friday 24 September 2004 00:13, Jon Smirl wrote:
> >Is this patch in your source?
> Yes, John.  I even tried that a couple of kernel versions back, but
> couldn't see that it had any effect one way or the other.
> But, a 70% fix just came by from the kernel janitors in the form of a
> patch posted to lkml about 45 mins ago replaceing the MS_TO_HZ call
> in the radeon driver with a different macro, and now my glxgears are
> running at a fairly steady 250 fps rather than a nice steady 10 fps.
> That won't run tuxracer yet, but its a step in the right direction
> until the radeon driver gets all the ATI tricks bred into it, and AG
> 8x support gets into X.  Its currently running my 8x stuff at 4x
> according to /var/log/messages:
> Sep 23 23:44:40 coyote kernel: agpgart: Found an AGP 3.0 compliant
> device at 0000:00:00.0.
> Sep 23 23:44:40 coyote kernel: agpgart: Putting AGP V3 device at
> 0000:00:00.0 into 4x mode
> Sep 23 23:44:40 coyote kernel: agpgart: Putting AGP V3 device at
> 0000:02:00.0 into 4x mode
> Sep 23 23:44:40 coyote kernel: [drm] Loading R200 Microcode
> [snip patch]
> Thanks for keeping me in mind John, I appreciate it.
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> Cheers, Gene
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