Missing X11/extensions/damageshared.h header file?

Jim Gettys Jim.Gettys at hp.com
Fri Sep 24 10:20:09 PDT 2004

The software cursor code was reimplemented to use the facilities that
damage provides (and which allowed the code size to decrease; you know
you are on the right track when adding functionality makes code

I suspect that Keith Packard can give you a hint as to what has
changed in that area.

What is a bit strange is that I can't find any file named damageshared.h
in the distribution...
				- Jim

On Thu, 2004-09-23 at 14:58 -0700, Kendall Bennett wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am trying to build some of our code that worked fine with previous 
> versions of XFree86 and X.org R6.7.0 but it fails to compile with X.org 
> R6.8.0. Our headers need to include mispritest.h to build our framebuffer 
> driver replacement, but this header file includes damage.h, but damage.h 
> is trying to include the file X11/extensions/damageshared.h that does not 
> appear to exist in the X.org R6.8.0 or X.org R6.8.1 tar balls.
> Does anyone have an idea of how to work around this, or a copy of the 
> missing file? I tried making an empty file in it's place but other stuff 
> would not compile.
> For now I have worked around it by disabling our framebuffer driver 
> replacement (just falling back to using XAA), but I would like to get 
> this working again with the latest X.org releases.
> Thanks!
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