Some minor questions related to xkb.

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason avarab at
Mon Sep 27 06:53:21 PDT 2004

Hi everybody, just began writing a keymap for my iBook and had some
questions pop up, not really sure if this is the right mailing list
but i've been lurking here for a while and people generally seem to
send general questions regarding pretty much everything here.

It concerns modifiers, through testing i've figured out how to modify
Key and key+shift thus:

<AE01> = { [ 1, bar ] }; which produces "1" when i press AE01 and "|"
when i press AE01+Shift.

What i need to know is how to add more modifiers,  so for example i
could specify in some file what when i write:

{ [ 1, 2 ], [ 3, 4 ] } that a plain key press would be "1", +shift =
"2", +lalt = "3" and +lalt+ctrl = "4".

I would need the following modifiers:
*Caps lock ( almost identical to shift )
*FN ( i'm not really sure if this is handled by hardware rather than
software (not at the machine now))
*Num Lock  ( almost identical to FN )
Combo modifiers

It appears that "3" currently is RALT, since this is a iBook it
doesn't have that key that needs to be changed to LALT, also i would
need to specify these other modifiers somewhere.

Furthermore i have another question regarding how the key maps work internally.

All the keymaps except the us ones seem to be "diff" key maps - that
is they specify the differences between them and a stripped down us
keymap, since i use macintosh this loads symbols/macintosh/us rather
than symbols/us.

Are there any other things that are "implied" i.e. other files that
are loaded by default.

And another thing, i found a directory ( cant remember the name now )
which cointains a very helpful list that maps symbols to names, like |
to bar and æ to aelig ( or something similar ) however it had
en_US.UTF-8 and other subdirectories for different character sets, how
would i go about configuring my keymap to be UTF-8 rather than say
ISO-8859-1 since i need to use some unicode-only symbols.

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