Some minor questions related to xkb.

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Thanks for the clarification, the file is already in bugzilla b.t.w. ( )

On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 10:09:02 +0100, Markus Kuhn
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> > > And another thing, i found a directory ( cant remember the name now )
> > > which cointains a very helpful list that maps symbols to names, like |
> > > to bar and æ to aelig ( or something similar ) however it had
> > > en_US.UTF-8 and other subdirectories for different character sets, how
> > > would i go about configuring my keymap to be UTF-8 rather than say
> > > ISO-8859-1 since i need to use some unicode-only symbols.
> Keymaps map keys to something called a KEYSYM. This is the first step.
> In a completely independent second step, the KEYSYM is mapped to the
> character encoding of your locale (ISO 8859-1, UTF-8, etc.).
> The KEYSYM encoding is defined in Appendix A of the protocol
> spec, see
> for a PDF of the latest version in the CVS, and in
> Read the comments in the abbove file. You will find that the entire
> Unicode character set is now part of the KEYSYM encoding space. All you
> have to do is to add 0x01000000 to any Unicode-only value to get the
> corresponding KEYSYM for use in your mapping file. This function has
> been in XFree86 for several years, but has only recently been added yo
> the X protocol spec.
> You do not change anything in your keyboard mapping file depending on
> the character encoding that you want to get. You are looking at the
> wrong layer.
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