xwd pipe and nfs bug

Dave Driscoll ddriscoll at triustc.com
Tue Sep 28 09:39:27 PDT 2004

I'm trying to make a script utility to grab and annotate screen shots.

For starters I pipe the output of xwd to the ImageMagick "display" function.
This works in all cases except one:

I have 2 workstations (call them "here" and "there") My home directory is
physically located on there and NFS mounted on here. If I "xwd | display" from
here  it fails with "Segmentation fault (core dumped)". (If I do the same thing
from there-the workstation where my home dir resides everything is fine.)

If I do "xwd > filename" and then "display filename" from here it works.

I have tried: xwd -display here | display. The result is: "seg fault-core dump"
Tried: xwd -display there | display & xwd waits for me to click on a window
there and of course I'm here.

Any suggestions? How can I debug this?

Dave Driscoll

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