New DRM driver model - gets rid of DRM() macros!

Dave Airlie airlied at
Wed Sep 29 06:41:16 PDT 2004

>  - once we have Alan's idea of the graphics core implemented drm_init()
>    should go awaw
>  - drm_probe (and it's call to drm_fill_in_dev) looks a little fishy,
>    what about doing the full ->probe callback in each driver where it
>    can do basic hw setup, dealing with pci and calls back into the drm
>    core for minor number allocation and common structure allocations.

We have mentioned this but 90% of the work done by the drivers would
be common, we might do it the otherway I suppose have a driver probe
that calls a function in the core,

>    This would get rid of the ->preinit and ->postinit hooks.
>  - isn't drm_order just a copy of get_order()?
>  - any chance to use proper kernel-doc comments instead of the bastdized
>    and hard to read version you have currently?

I think we have doxygen comments in there at the moment - the Mesa/DRI
documentation is done with doxygen...

>  - the coding style is a little strange, like spurious whitespaces inside
>    braces, maybe you could run it through scripts/Lindent

there are a fair few of these in there in the kernel, it could
probably do with a Lindent at some stage over the whole thing...

>  - care to use linux/lists.h instead of opencoded lists, e.g. in
>    dev->file_last/dev->file_first or dev->vmalist
>  - drm_flush is a noop.  a NULL ->flush does the same thing, just easier
>  - dito or ->poll
>  - dito for ->read
>  - why do you use DRM_COPY_FROM_USER_IOCTL in Linux-specific code?
>  - drm__mem_info should be converted to fs/seq_file.c functions
>  - dito for functions in drm_proc.c

I think I can apply a lot of these to the current kernel code so I'll
probably just start doing patches up for these sort of issues

I'll get time to create a bitkeeper tree taking Jons changes ready for
merging to Andrew at least, and maybe Linus for 2.6.10.


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