I2C driver directory

Vladimir Dergachev volodya at mindspring.com
Wed Sep 29 18:24:24 PDT 2004

On Thu, 30 Sep 2004, Luc Verhaegen wrote:

> On Wed, Sep 29, 2004 at 08:20:58PM -0400, Vladimir Dergachev wrote:
>>  GATOS TV-in code has many drivers for I2C bus. These are pretty much
>> independent from ATI hardware, so it would be nice to put them separately.
>>  Would anyone object to creating the following directory
>>  /xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/drivers/i2c
>>  and putting all the GATOS i2c drivers there ?
>>                           best
>>                             Vladimir Dergachev
> Are you talking about seperating out support for i2c addressable
> devices, like the SAA71xx, BT8xx, CH7xxx, VT162/3x etc. from drivers?
> Not only tuners but also tv/tmds/lvds encoders?

Well, actually I had a much smaller ambition - GATOS code includes drivers
for tuners, bt828 chips, sound processors and demodulators.

These have always been built as separate modules, but I kept them in the 
same directory as main ATI driver - simpler for everyone when we were 
working in separate tree.

This makes no sense when we are merging code. I believe all these 
I2C drivers can be easily used by other drivers if they need to, at worst 
with minimal changes. I would certainly be glad if other developers found 
them useful.

As for tv/tmds/lvds encoders - my first priority is to get GATOS code in 
so people can use their cards with newer versions of X.Org.

> If so, great! I've had that sort of thing as a goal for the
> via/unichrome driver.
> Are you planning for seperate modules here?

Yes, separate modules for each chip.

> What about tv encoders like the mga maven? Which, afaik is very driver
> specific, but is also external to the mga g400 (iirc).

No idea - really !

Since we are talking about this - does via/unichrome support VIP bus ? Do 
you know of any cards that have other chips hanging off it ?


                           Vladimir Dergachev

> Luc Verhaegen.

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