Catching *every* event

Jon Wilson j85wilson at
Wed Aug 3 08:33:11 PDT 2005

Hi Alan,

Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> Jon Wilson wrote:
>> I want to be able to catch, in one X client, literally every X event
>> which is sent to any window.  Furthermore, I want this one client to
>> be able to catch all of these events before any other client gets
>> them, and also have the ability to delay or prevent (a la substructure
>> redirect) these events from reaching the client that owns the window
>> they were sent to.  Does substructure redirect do this for all events,
>> or just mapping/resizing/etc. events?  Is there a clean, simple way to
>> do this at all?
> I believe that's exactly what XEvIE (X Event Interception Extension) was
> designed for, since accessibility helpers needed the same thing:

I've looked at XEvIE, and I think it only allows this for input 
events, whereas I also want to do the same for resize, map, selection, 
etc, everything, events.

Glynn Clements recommended making it an X proxy server, and I think 
that sounds promising.


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