New modular server snapshot, and slight versioning change

Adam Jackson ajax at
Thu Aug 4 18:31:37 PDT 2005

The first modular server snapshot was numbered to reflect the 
"RC0" status.  This, it turns out, is bogus, because there are many build 
fixes that need to get out there and tested faster than "only on RC dates", 
but you can't increase that last number without changing the advertised RC 

So, that's been changed.  The xorg-server package now has a 0.99.x number like 
everything else, and will continue to do so for the rest of the RCs.  The for the server has split numbers now, and 0.99.1 still reports 
itself as  If the need arises I can add a hack to print the 
package version in the server log, but I don't think we need it yet.  For the 
modular server RCs, use the newest version if you don't have Very Good Reason 
not to.

The new server tarballs are up under:

(or /everything/, for people who like all the tarballs in one place).  Many 
moronic bugs fixed since the first one, Composite and GLX builds now stand a 
chance of working, many Solaris and OSX fixes, etc.  Many moronic bugs 
assuredly still ahead of us, so, please test.


- ajax
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